Greece locks down

After a very low inidence rate of COVID-19 infections during summer time, the second wave also hits Greece, and the local Government decided on a lockdown until end of November. As we were no sure how this may apply to our travelling, we rented a flat for two weeks in Keratokampos, a small village at the south coast. Now, outside the tourist season, there is very little life around. Just the right time and place to calm down.

The weather is getting colder and windy, but we still went out for snorkling to a close by, wonderful beach most of the days. At times, we go out for some hiking in the mointains which start just in our backyard. Here are some impressions from the past days.

Because of the rain, the nature turns green and plants are blooming. I never thought before that this is happening somewhere in Europe during winter.

As the toursits are gone (at least almost all, put aside some few strangers like ourselves), olive harbour can start. This is also the time where you can get the most fantastic freshly pressed olive oil.

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