Unproductive times

At times, when things are slowing down and senses become more sensitive, it appears to me that I run into the same key subject repeatedly.

I am not so much into the magic thinking “the universe sends me a message”. I think it is more my own soul which unconsciously seeks for the next valuable insight. Whatever this is, these days, I am touched by three messages:

  1. Kate Cowie asked, while we were talking about my sabbatical, if I can allow mself being unproductive. Not easy to answer,…it was just the right question.
  2. During a day-trip hike just on my own, I experienced a mode of special, thoughtless walking, just observing the thing around me.
  3. I came across a quote from Stephen Mitchell: “Prayer is a quality of attention. To make so much room for the given that it can appear as gift.”

I am resisting the impulse to get a summary message and a nice intellectual interpretation now here in writing. Just letting things flow seems to be more appropriate now.

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