Winter in Crete

Bacause of the lockdown situation, we decided to continue in the southern parts of Crete, away from cities. Most places down here are very, very quiet, even in summer season, but now we are mostly on our own.

Going on to the south eastern end of Crete, spending a few days at the palm beach of Vai. It features the largets natural palm tree forest in Europe, and a wonderful sandy beach. When I was here almost 10 years ago, most of the 100+ parking spots were busy, and thus the beach was a awfullly crowdy. Nowadays, we were the only parking car and enjoyed this magic place for a couple of days.

Instead of following the coast line further, we went back to our first spot, Como beach, and the further to explore the western part of the south coast.

Finallly, we got it, the Cretan winter. Temperatures dropped to 14°C, heavy rains, waves up to 2.5m. We had to stop our daily routine of swimming and look for some protected spots for the van, otherwise it could have been simply too loud to sleep. We ended up in booking a small house on short notice for some days.

Five days later, the wind calmed down and we found a nice calm beach – just for our own – in the area of Kota Rodakino.

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