Front doors of Chania

Our base place for the past three weeks has been Paleochora. We enjoy this small city because it offers some shops, you can get very local food, it has some nice beaches around and a variety of hiking trails. Feels almost like being home.

Earlier this week we made a 2-days trip up to Chania, the 2nd-largest city on Crete with it’s 54.000 people living there. Traces of first settlers of more than 5.000 years ago have been found, so Chania is one of the oldest settlements in Europe at all.

During our days, we really enjoyed the city, which now, as lockdown measures are relaxing here in greece, became lively. So good to see! Sometimes you enjoy little things that you never thought about before – unless you don’t have them for a while.

One thing we really liked was the colorful front doors. So here are some pictures.

Chania picture from CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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