White experience

Finally, the low pressure area that hit northern Europe first came down to Greece, all the way down to Crete. Here at the sea side in Paleochora, where we have rented a little flat for a few weeks, we got temperatures around 5 degrees Celsuis for a few days, heavy winds, big waves, and quite some rain and hail.

On the last day, the sky cleared up and the hills and mountains nearby were covered in powdered sugar.

One thing I am missing here in winter is enjoying cold, fresh days, snow and a nice cup of coffee when coming back to the house – it’s probably the first winter season in 25 years without going out for a few snowboard rides. So, we took a little drive up into the hills to see what it was up there. Lovely.

I sometimes wonder why we humans (well, at least many I know) enjoy the cold air and snow so much. Imagine for a moment that an alien population from another planet would spy on Earth and see us sliding down on skies and boards on the white mountains for hours – Screaming! …I imagine that it would appear completely pointless to them and assume it is a special religious ritual. Maybe this assumption would not be that wrong 🙂

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