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…is the name of a road in northern Sweden which passes through wild and natural landscapes. Up here, in mid June, there is daylight 24 hours a day. Beautiful and peaceful landscapes, waterfalls, and many lakes and rivers. Also, not a lot of people, in particular at this early time in year.

In it’s highest point of altitude, Vildmarksvägen crosses the border to Lapland, which is known for the Sami, an Arctic tribe and Europe’s only indigenous people. Traditionally, and for the reindeer, which has been traditionally (and still is to a large extend) the economical base for the Sami. We spend some days close to the beautiful Sami village Fatmomakke. On a hike up a little bit, I found a nice herd of reindeer. Still quite some snow up here, but nice and warm weeather.

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