Crossing the polar circle

A few hundret kilometers further up north, we corssed finally the polar circle – entering the area where there is no sunset on the days of the mid summer (i.e. , now). We decided to take a lot of the smaller (dust) roads, wehre asmetimes, you don’t meet another car for hours. We had some very, very lonely places fo rour overnight stays. Some in the woods, some on beautiful lakes.

The towns up here in Lapland are small and simple. We spend some time in Arjeplog and later, in Jokkmokk – which is just a few kilomters above the polar circle. Here, we are closer to the north pole than to Crete. Enjoying a slowed down life and visiting museums, churches. breathing and enjoying the surroundings. Wondering about how people have lived and settled here for many hindred years.

As much as this area, it’s histroy, it’s nature and wilderness is facinating, we decided not to go any further north. The weather was getting colder and more rainy in the last couple of days, and the mosquitos are just horrible currently. So, we decided to turn to the coast side of the Baltic Sea and start to descend down to warmer places. And hope for less mosquitos!

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