Home is where your heart is

Coming down from Lapland, we struggled. Too much rain, not warm enough to sit outside, and incredibly aggressive clouds of moskitos. Walking outside you felt like a welcome food for a hungry swarm of biting insects. Standing still for just a few seconds, they would sit down all over the clothes (and of course skin, if you missed to prepare it). I tried to capture the flying swarm on a photo…you can’t see them, probably moving too fast for the camera, but you you may read my facial expression about what is going on 🙂

We spent several days looking for the right place, a spot to calm down and relax. On that journey, a lot of interesting places came by, nice views, enjoyable beauty of the landscape. And we woudl be still in our mode of just wandering through our days without planning, accepting what shows up to us. However, our dreams became stronger and stronger – our dreams of this one place to just be for a while.

Eventually we found it in Nature Reserve Malingsbo-Kloten. As so often in vanlife, you first want to spent ne night, then another, and the place somewhat changes while you are there. After a few days it felt like coming home after a long journey. Just in front of the lake, surrounded by trees and far away from any street or city. the weather cleared up and turned warm again, the moskito situation was not perfect but ok. We ended up staying for 10 days. What a grace!

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