Swedish experiences

After just 3 days in Sweden it feels like we have seen most of what we ever associated with it. Again, we have done no planning at all – based on the learning how to spent time best – but we got a full basket of country insides.

We landed with the ferry in Ystad. If you are into crime, this city name may sound familiar. Heard about inspector Wallander? Indeed, it is the home of the famous Henning Mankell crimes.

Streets of Ystad

Spending the night close to Ales Stenar, a megalithic monument.

On the way north, we passed a city called Älmhult and found that it was the place where about 60 years ago, an entrepreneur called Invar Kamprad founded a pretty successful furniture company. We could not resist and spend an afternoon in the museum. Here is their newest catalogue.

Finally, further north, we came ot a moose park, where the owner allowed us to spend the night on site.

Amazing how this country chose to introduce itself to us as living-in-the-moment travelers. I could not imagine that any planning would have taken us even closer to this experience. Once more, it leaves us grateful and curious about what is still to come.

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