Der Weg ist das Ziel

After 3 days of hiking I decided to take a one day break in Monte San Savino, a nice little town in eastern Tuscany. Drying my stuff from lots of rain and thunderstorms yesterday, and relaxing my feet which got a bit stressed and damaged.

Der Weg ist das Ziel is said to go back to Confucius (the best English translation I found is It’s the journey, not the destination) . My journey in these days has purposely no destination, and it seriously starts to feel strange. To be ‘goal oriented’ is a widely shared key value in business and leadership, and so it was in my professional and private life. I notice that, while trying to enjoy the moment, my brain constantly optimises, plans for the next day, structures all my time… And I wonder if it was trained or born this way. Will (1) read some literature on that and (2) just enjoy being (plan!)

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