A new goal

After six hiking days, I arrived at Citta di Castello in Umbria. From here I will follow via francesco, which is a pilgrimage to Assisi, the home town of Saint Francis. So somewhat a combination of goal and journey. So I decided to take a day off to enjoy the medieval city.

The thing that impressed me most was an exhibition at a local museum – Tesoro di Canoscio – a treasure found 1935 of objects from 8th (!) Century which were used to celebrate eucharist. Simple and nice, and so different to the ornate, magnificate, golden pomp which were used in later centuries when christianity became mainstream, arranging with power, and losing their roots.

Tesoro di Canoscio

In these days, I am following discussions about the recent declaration (Enzyklika “Frateli tutti”) which Pope Francis made a few days ago (in Assisi!). While it deliveres an important core message about sustainability and humanity, the Catholic church organisation is completely missing the transformation itself that would be consistent with those messages. From an organisational development perspective, a great example that you cannot ask for a change of you don’t start with yourself.

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