The pace of Stockholm

The way down to the south takes us to Stockholm. Of course we did what tourists would do in a city. Some shopping, exploring the old city parts, visiting museums, take a boat tour, breathing and in-taking how people live and love in this city.

Being so long in wilderness on a calm and simple life, rarely talking to someone else than just amongst us, this was a very special experience. We were used to a much slower pace, and literally, I was just looking, listening, smelling for quite some while, wondering about the fast pace with which city life is going on. Never in my life I had felt that before – the discrepancy of my inner and the outer pace. It was like being paralysed during our first day.

What we liked about the city was its beauty. The water places all around. The friendly and relaxed people. The feeling to be truly welcome, and the principle that good things are to be shared (rather than be kept as personal property). Some very good food. Here are some impressions of our 4 days in this busy place.

A special high-light have been the metro stations with art work in it. You travel from station to station and fin our what artistst did there.

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