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Closing the first chapter

I was glad to have some time in Assisi. While there are many tourists and pilgrims, this city seems to be large enough to be not overwhelmed. Nice calm places and small wonderful restaurants all over the places, in particular outside the main touristic roads (maybe this is different in high seasson but it is how I found it here in October). A real good place and time to relax and just wonder around 🙂

On my third day in Assisi, I made a hiking round trip, visiting Eremo delle Carceri which is the ermitage place wher Francis spent a lot of time, and which is used as a monastery place nowadays.

Next on my way was Santa Maria degli Angeli which is the a basilica buildt around the little chapel that was used by Francis and his followers, and where Francis died at the age of 44. I was impressed by the beauty of the paintings and the simplicity of the chapel itself. In contrast to the huge and rich basilica around which is the obvious result of trying to preserve something valuable – but in this attempt, the original thing is buried if not lost.

Found this sign on the hike. The “T” (greek ‘tau’) symbol was the pilgrim path sign during my days. I decided that I will finish this first chapter of my time off, travel home and see what is coming next.

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