A while back home

Being 5 months abroad, it is somewhat strange coming home. Of course, anjoying a really good bed, fully equipped kitchen, plenty of space to walk and work, and all the little nice things a home offers to live your life comfortably.

On the other hand, this picture shows what two persons really need for a period of 5 months. There was not a sinlge item at home we missed. A real good time to start an extended cleaning-up exercise which should simplify the future life.

It is incredible how many small stuff tends to pile up – and get attached to your mind. Clothes, gadgets, memorables, and whatsoever. A wise man once told me that the first half of your life is about getting and collecting things you (and your family) needs – and the second half is there to get rid of everything. Without any doubt this is my phase now. Fortunately, the pandemic situation and the weather outside make it easy to focus on letting go things Ithat are no longer needed.

Now, in the third week of cleaning up, I have to admit that I get tired and desperately need to get out in the one or other way. I am looking forward to my next phase of this exciting year, not being exactly sure where it will take me.

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