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Ελαφονήσι (Elafonisi)

This has been our overall favourite place for vanlife. After staying in the appartment for 3 or 4 days – escaping some cold or windy days – we are longing for the freedom and nature experience of vanlife. Somehow, the simplicity of everything and the small space you live in is made up by the spectacular views, the beauty of everything around, and the relaxing life style feeling.

Waking up and having the first cup of coffee with a view onto the fine grained, pink beach puts a smile on my face. And often, this smile stays there until nestled down in my sleeping bag in the roof when the 100M stars are out there.

What sounds like pure holidays, howver, isn’t. I am working on the training I am taking, preparing and holding my offerings for personal development, and jointly with other people, develop some further courses and seminars for the next months to come. However, what a different type of work to what I am used to! Working only 5 or so hours a day, feeling completely relaxed and having plenty of time to do what just comes across.

We have been meeting many intresting people who enjoy vanlifes. Heard a lot of inspiring life stories. Alwin, who exited the company he founded at the age of 50, sailing around the world on his boat for over 20 years, and now live in a camper van together with his wife. The professional life style & travel bloggers of Generation Z with 200k followers on Instagram. The lady from Germany who works as a dairymaid (Sennerin) in Austria during the Summer period and is on the road with her Camper truck in Winter time. And many more. Dropouts, you may think – and so would I a year ago – but now I consider them as people with different life styles and priorities compared to the majority.

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